A global solution for inspection

The collaborative platform Arioflow  allows you to manage your processes for inspection. Arioflow meets all types of needs such as working in the field without a connection, modifying the repository of questions, duplicating an inspection model but also modifying the report template. In addition, Arioflow tracks and archives reports, automatically generates them, structures and standardizes information capture, and manages non-conformities.

Build your inspection models

Key features

  • Definition of your inspection models with Arioflow Builder
  • Definition of presentation, rules, default values, …
  • Workflow setup
  • Reuse of parts of existing inspection templates
  • Translation in any language
  • Packaging and publication in your private store
  • Multi-subsidiary deployment


  • Build your inspection models quickly
  • Easily deploy them

A simple collection of field data

Key features

  • Multiplatform (Windows, Android, IOS)
  • Operation in connected / disconnected mode
  • Multimedia (photos/videos)
  • Drawings and image annotation
  • Dynamic fields
  • Geolocation
  • Automatic report generation


  • Save time on paper input
  • Improve productivity of field teams
  • Improving data quality and standardization

A collaborative inspection platform

Key features

  • Setting the life cycle of the form
  • Back office integration
  • Treatment of non-compliance
  • Data Administration
  • Archiving


  • Avoid re-entering and automate the process
  • Identify nonconformities
  • Follow the associated corrective actions

Managing your performance

Key features

  • KPI in real time
  • Configurable indicators
  • Data export


  • Manage field activities and identify trends (non-compliance rate, quality, recurrent breakdowns…)
  • Transforming field data into decision-making information

List of Arioflow Features


Workflow setup


Connected & disconnected mode

Taking picture with annotation

Multi-subsidiary management

Dynamic fields


Automatic report generation

Back office integration

Treatment of non-compliance

KPI in real time